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Coloured Diamonds

Cohen Crawford offers hard asset investment services for naturally coloured diamonds. Colored diamonds are considered as one of the most lucrative growth asset for any investment portfolio.

Gem stones can bring more value to your portfolio because fine colored diamonds have no fixed price as that of a painting. As a fact, the true value are usually determined when they are sold at auction.

If you are looking for more concrete and clear assets for investment and your portfolio diversification, then fancy coloured diamonds are the assets you must consider investing in because they have shown higher returns and growth over the past decade.

“Fancy Coloured Diamonds have shown positive returns and growth in the past decade.”

With the advent of new platforms such as Rapaport and IDEX online once can easily assess the prices of diamonds. Our business model is all about transparency and therefore we want you to make an informed decision about your purchase with us.

There is an increasing buzz about fancy coloured diamonds and many investors are flocking to invest in coloured diamonds. Natural Colour Diamonds have doubled in value roughly every five years.

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