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Hard Assets

Cohen Crawford specializes in hard assets investing such as Gold, Silver, Diamonds, Precious Gems, Stock Mergers and Acquisitions. We employ active dedicated team of investment professionals that are highly efficient in handling your investment portfolio. Our goal is to provide higher return on investments and better customer service experience.

“We deal in Gold, Silver, Diamonds, Precious Gems, Stock Mergers and Acquisitions.”

At Cohen Crawford we offer personalized portfolio management by managing each account separately. With us many clients have well protected their investments and at the same time have grown their wealth. Investing in (Hard Assets) Precious metals and gems such as Gold, silver, and natural fancy color diamonds can truly provide portfolio diversity and much higher return over time.

Our expert advisors constantly monitors the market trends and effectively create financial plans around the four key factors affecting the price of precious metals namely Inflation, Currency Devaluation, Geographic and Political Unrest, and the Supply & Demand.

Our Model is Simple – Transparency and Complete Ownership

Our business model is all about transparency and complete ownership of the product. This is the reason why working with us, you will notice that your mode of entry into the precious metal investment market is cost effective & convenient.

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